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Land of Waterfalls RV Park - Area Attractions

Land of Waterfalls RV Park – Area Attractions & Adventures

With crystal-clear waterfalls, mile-high mountain views, deep river valleys, and meandering hiking trails, Western North Carolina is a natural outdoor paradise.

We have a little something for everybody, and staying at the Land of Waterfalls RV Park puts you right in the center of the action!

While there’s a nearly endless amount of activities in the area, these are some of the best picks for adventure-lovers looking to experience the Land of Waterfalls.

Explore DuPont State Forest

Pisgah National Forest

When you visit the Land of Waterfalls RV Park, you’re also visiting one of the most popular national forests in the United States.

Home to over 500,000 acres of Southeastern wildlife and gorgeous foliage, Pisgah National Forest is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts–or anyone who just enjoys some great views.

There are some impressive hiking and biking trails just a short drive from the RV park, including:

Mt. Pisgah
A classic Western North Carolina hike, the Mt. Pisgah trail is a heavily-trafficked, out-and-back trail located on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s about 1.5 miles from the trailhead to the summit, which you can see in the distance. The view from the top offers an impressive 360-degree view of the surrounding area. The best time to visit is in June when the Catawba Rhododendrons that line the trail are in full bloom.

Pilot Rock Trail
Pilot Rock is a great location for both hiking and mountain biking. It begins at Yellow Gap Road, taking you through twisted laurel thickets and fun switchbacks, before leaving you with a spectacular lookout on Little Bald Mountain. There’s also a section of the trail that leads to the base of Pilot Rock which is popular with climbers.

Sycamore Cove Trail
One of the more difficult mountain biking trails, Sycamore Cove is perfect for those looking for a challenging ride–especially if you want to complete the full Black Mountain Trail. The variety of flora and fauna also makes it a fun trail for hikers.

Moore Cove Falls
There aren’t any signs leading you to Moore Cove Falls, but the information board at the trailhead lets you know you’re in the right place. It’s less than 20 minutes from the RV Park and just a short, fun, one-mile hike to an impressive waterfall that you can actually see from behind!

Be sure to read about the other hiking and biking trails in Pisgah if you’re planning a visit! You’ll enjoy any trail you pick.

And, as if the area weren’t awesome enough already, keep in mind that the Blue Ridge Parkway is always significantly cooler than the lower elevation areas. So you can enjoy the hike without the heat and humidity!

Pisgah National Forest also houses parts of the Appalachian Trail. While completing the whole trail is quite an undertaking, you can experience a part of it along the trails closer to the Tennessee border.

DuPont State Forest

The Land of Waterfalls RV Park is located just 9 miles away–about a 12-minute car ride–from the DuPont State Forest Visitor Center. DuPont offers nearly everything an outdoor enthusiast could want: great hiking trails, scenic waterfalls, gravel roads for cycling, trail running and casual hikes, numerous mountain biking trails with difficulty levels ranging from beginner to intermediate, and limited fly fishing opportunities in the hatchery supported Little River that flows through the park.

There are countless trails to explore within the 12,500 acres encompassed by DuPont, but here are a few of our favorites.

Triple Falls, High Falls, and Hooker Falls trails
These are some of the most heavily-trafficked trails in DuPont–and for good reason! You can see all three waterfalls in one go starting at the Hooker Falls parking lot, or you can walk them separately. The trails follow clearly-marked paths and are great for experience and activity levels. The view of High Falls is wonderful year-round, but it’s especially breathtaking in early Fall.


Cedar Rock and Corn Shoals Mill
This trail is one of the few places to see eastern Slickrock in the area, which is one of the reasons it’s so popular with bikers. The trail follows a winding but well-maintained path which is equally as enjoyable for hiking. Follow the “Big Rock” trail markers for an intermediate 30-45 minute trek to the bald mountain summit with beautiful views of the area.

Three Lakes Trail

This trail gives you great views of lakes Dense, Alford, and Julia. The trail is easily walkable and great for a picnic lunch in the summer months.

If you’re a fan of mountain biking, be sure to check out our top 5 mountain biking trails near Brevard, North Carolina.

Other Activities in Pisgah and DuPont

Cradle of Forestry

The Cradle of Forestry is a wonderful place to learn about the different flora and fauna native to the region as well as some of the history of Pisgah National Forest. If you’re lucky and visit in May or June, you might get a chance to catch the famous blue ghost fireflies that populate the forest at night–a phenomenon unique only to Western North Carolina.

Sliding Rock

Sliding Rock is a very popular attraction in Pisgah that’s perfect for families. Just a few miles down the road from the RV park, you’ll see the small, smooth waterfall with a pool at the bottom to plunge into after sliding down the falls.

Pisgah Fish Hatchery

The hatchery offers some hands-on activities for children during the week–and admission is free! It’s also right across from John Rock, a moderately difficult, but worthwhile, hike up to the bald rock face you can see from the hatchery parking lot.


If you want some great views without an intense hike to get there, there are plenty of options for more low-key sightseeing near the Land of Waterfalls RV Park.


Looking Glass Falls
Just a few miles away from the RV Park in Pisgah National Forest is Looking Glass Falls, one of the most popular and easily-accessed waterfalls in the area. Just park alongside the road and walk down the steps to the base of the falls. There, you can picnic, swim, or just enjoy the scenery and cool mist on a hot day. We definitely recommend getting there a little early as it can be hard to find parking on the weekend.

Toxaway Falls
A little west of Brevard, along Highway 64, you’ll come across Toxaway Falls. It’s a little hidden under the bridge; in fact, a lot of visitors drive right over it without even knowing! Take a second to pull to the side and enjoy the view from the top of the 240-foot waterfall.

Dry Falls
Dry Falls, situated just a few miles outside of Highlands, is another waterfall you can walk behind. This is also one of the most impressive waterfalls in the winter when lower temperatures cause the water to freeze in beautiful formations. It’s a must-see for any photographer!


Craggy Pinnacle
While this lookout is accessed by a short hike at milepost 341.1, it’s an easy trail and the views are some of the best on the Blue Ridge Parkway. And like the Mt. Pisgah trail, it’s lined by decorative Catawba rhododendrons and wildflowers. It’s one of the best places to watch the sunrise or sunset.

Max Patch
Max Patch is a famous stop along the Appalachian Trail. Located along the Tennessee/North Carolina border, the bald mountain top is the perfect day trip to take while staying in the Land of Waterfalls.

Bearwallow Mountain
Bearwallow Mountain has something very unique at the summit–cows! You can walk up the gently sloping gravel road to the top, or take the hiking trail if you want more of a challenge. Like Max Patch, it’s a bald mountain top with great views of the surrounding areas. The cows graze up on top of through most of the spring and summer.

World’s Edge
You can access some more difficult hiking routes from the World’s Edge trailhead in Mill Spring, but the beginning is an easy walk and has some impressive views of the valley below.


While hiking and mountain biking get a lot of attention here, Brevard, NC is also an exciting destination for kayakers.


While hiking and mountain biking get a lot of attention here, Brevard, NC is also an exciting destination for kayakers.

Tuckasegee Gorge is a great run for beginning kayakers, with plenty of calm places to practice flipping over, peel-outs, and eddy turns. And unlike most of the rivers in the area, it’s almost always relatively warm during the spring through the fall.

French Broad
You’ll notice that the French Broad gets a lot of attention in the area, but that’s because it’s a great river for so many activities. And kayaking is no exception! It’s the perfect choice for a mellow paddle where you’ll see miles of trees and wildlife and, maybe, get a peek of the famous Biltmore House.

Green River Narrows
While the French Broad and Tuckasegee are made for novice kayakers, the Green River Narrows is a top choice for advanced paddlers who like an adrenaline rush. It’s one of the toughest runs in the region, taking those brave enough to challenge it over plenty of class IV and V rapids through the boulder-filled section of the Green River.

Fly Fishing

Western North Carolina is quickly becoming a fly fishing hot spot in the Southeast, and the Land of Waterfalls is the perfect home base for a fly fisherman. Here are a few of our favorite spots nearby.

Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail
For the serious fly fisherman, it doesn’t get much better than the Western NC Fly Fishing Trail. It contains 15 fishing areas housing a variety of both wild and hatchery-supported local trout. You can spend a whole day at any one of the fishing spots, but following the trail for a while is also a wonderful way to see some of the surrounding areas.

French Broad River
A lot of local folks like the French Broad for its plentiful population of smallmouth bass, trout, and crawfish. It meanders through Asheville and Hendersonville, and sections of it lay just a short trek from the RV Park.

Davidson River
A short drive into Pisgah National Forest will bring you to the Davidson River, which has been nationally recognized as a top fly fishing location in North Carolina. It’s a great spot to find the different types of trout that populate the rivers here. And it’s only about ten minutes away from the RV park!

Rafting & Tubing

Nantahala National Forest
The Nantahala River is one of the most popular rafting sites in the region. With over 20 class II and III rapids through cool mountain water, it’s the perfect 2.5-hour hot-weather adventure.

The Green River
The Green River in Saluda is one of the best and busiest places to go tubing and kayaking in the area. The water is a wonderfully cool temperature in the summer, making it one of the best ways to cool off in the hot weather.

Pigeon River
If you’re looking for a solid balance of adrenaline and fun, the Pigeon River, close to the Tennessee border, is one of your best bets. It’s got a good mix of class II, III, and IV rapids, so it’s exciting for both beginners and experienced rafters alike.


Hooker Falls in DuPont State Forest
The base of Hooker Falls is a popular swimming hole in the summer months. It’s just a half-mile walk from the parking area, and the water is clear and definitely cold enough to be refreshing!

Big Hungry River
This swimming area is a local secret and favorite hang-out spot. You won’t find any signs for it, but if you drive along Big Hungry road toward the Green River Gamelands, you’ll see a pull-off area right before the bridge. You can access the swimming area via two short trails on either side of the road. 

Skinny Dip Falls
Don’t worry—this series of cascading waterfalls at milepost 417 on the Blue Ridge Parkway is totally family-friendly! It’s a local favorite swimming spot in the summer that features a crystal clear pool at the bottom of the falls. And it’s only a short hike to get there! On a hot summer weekend, this is the place to be.

Other Nearby Attractions

Caesars Head State Park – In our neighboring state of South Carolina, you’ll find Pretty Place, one of the most breathtaking lookouts around. Located in Caesars Head State Park, it’s also surrounded by hiking trails of all difficulty levels and stunning waterfall views.

Chimney Rock State Park – The top of the oddly-shaped rock formation in Chimney Rock State Park is a really cool photo spot, but don’t overlook all the hiking trails that run throughout the surrounding forest. Some of them can get pretty difficult, but the view at the end is always worth it!

Green River Game Lands – Home to the Green River Narrows, the Game Lands area also contains several thousand acres of hiking trails and plenty of game hunting opportunities during the on-season. Don’t miss out on the hike down to the Narrows–a steep, challenging descent into the valley, where you can explore the boulders and watch the bold kayakers taking on the rapids.

Grandfather Mountain – Walk over a mile-high suspension bridge and take a tour of the nature center at Grandfather Mountain near Linville, NC. You can find guides sharing their knowledge about the area’s history and wildlife, or maybe explore one of the walking trails around the mountain.

Gorges State Park – Gorges State Park is home to Rainbow Falls, named so for the constant rainbows created by the mist at the base. It’s one of the most popular and picturesque waterfalls in the Towaway area, so be sure to get there early if you want the trails to yourself!